About us and our love for Websites - Candlelight Websites

Humble beginnings.

Candlelight started in 2008 from a bachelors apartment in Herolds Bay when referrals started pouring in after completing a few websites for people who wanted something different.

See an original web design that is live still to this day!

We value trust and partnerships.

We could not be more grateful to our clients who trusted us with their websites since our startup days. For that reason, we always seek new ways to improve our website designs and thus exceed their expectations.

To our clients and hopefully to you, thank you and here’s to exceeding expectations!

The name Candlelight Websites originated from our startup days when resources were scarce and electricity expensive, we chose to keep the computers running and candles to light the “office”.

Meet your website gurus.

"Happy clients make for healthy business."

Barry – The Technologist

candlelight chief creative
"Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen."

Christa – Chief Creative

Yes, tell us about your project.

We’re keen to hear about your idea and pretty sure we can help make it an intergalactic success.