Website vs. Social Media - Candlelight Websites

Choosing between creating a website or using social media marketing is the dilemma most start-up, as well as established businesses, struggle with. With the ever-changing digital world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and sometimes left behind.

But why pick only one?

We love websites. But we also love social media. We don’t see it as one or the other. We see it as a great and effective combination. An effective website gives your business more credibility than a free platform such as a Facebook page. While a website is a one-way conversation, social media delivers an engaging platform for discussion with your audience. Your website is your business’s ‘home’ full of valuable information and social media can drive potential clients to your website. Some may argue that social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter reach more people. But with the correct SEO implemented on your website, you will also reach the correct kind of people and most probably for a longer time.

The important consideration – cost.

Your business needs an office/workspace, furniture and tools as well as staff to get the job done. Why go all out to set up your business but leave marketing behind? Yes, setting up a website will cost money but its longevity will outlast most tools and even staff. Social Media is mostly free but offers options to promote your business even more at a fee.

We all have one goal.

The whole point of these digital marketing tools is to get your business out there. Both these options work in their own special way, and that’s fine. As long as your message is in such a way as to attract clients, why choose only one platform? Whatever you use, make it your own. Go ahead, place your eggs in a few baskets with confidence. Just remember to use exciting, informative content with good keywords and people will gravitate towards your business.

Whether you are new to the game or have an existing setup but require assistance, we can help. Please feel free to ask anything!