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“In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital” – Warren G Bennis

Most things have an expiry date. It served its purpose but it is time to move on. The same with your website. Technology moves at quite a pace and there are constant improvements in features to make your website appealing and easy to use for your audience. If you answer yes to any of the following points, you need a website redesign soon:

My website design looks, well, old.

What was fashionable a few years ago can look outdated now. People tend to trust businesses with a fresh new website more than one that didn’t receive any love for a few years. And they will notice.

My website content is outdated.

Your business expands and evolves, so should your website. Keep your information and photos updated so you know the correct clients will be able to reach you. You will make a great first impression.

My website is not responsive on all devices.

Mobile and tablet users have multiplied dramatically over the last few years. The same functions should be available on all devices and they should integrate seamlessly with each other. A link should open and view just as easily on any mobile phone as on a desktop computer.

My competitors’ websites are better than mine.

Like all other elements in your business, you should try to be ahead of your competitors with your website and its effectiveness. With some effort, consistency and an impressive new website redesign with interesting content, clients will prefer you over your biggest competitors.

Third party-tools are outdated.

If you have any additional tools like a shopping cart, it will most likely become outdated and less secure over time. Don’t have an unsecured website. Rather have everything in place before something unexpected happens due to the less secure coding and technology of old websites.

We have many ideas and tips to share on how to improve your website. If you’d like advice on how to go about to redesign your website, please contact us.