Online Store (eCommerce) vs. Brick & Mortar Store - Candlelight Websites

We live in exciting times. You can get your hands on basically any product in the world with the new advancements in technology taking place in eCommerce, running your own online store has never been easier and the potential reach for your products can be enormous.

Why should I start an online store?

We are not saying you should close your doors and only focus on selling online. eCommerce is an excellent add-on if you have an existing brick and mortar shop or looking to sell products online as a hobby. Apart from the broader client base, your products are available 24/7 and shopping from your couch is way more convenient. If you are starting out you don’t have to worry about signing a lease for rental space.

But won’t an online shop prevent people from seeing and feeling my products?

We are sure you have enough confidence in your products to offer a free return policy. With good descriptions and imagery, they should have a good idea what they’ll get. This will give them peace of mind and they will still feel in control. Testimonials do the world of good to build trust with new customers. Remember to show your appreciation for great reviews and also to respond in a professional manner to any bad reviews, and do your best to solve the problem as quick as possible.

How do I offer a safe online shopping experience?

Ensure you have a good payment gateway on your eCommerce website in place from the start. When we create an eCommerce website, we focus on ease of use and the best functionality to make the process as convenient as possible for you and your customers.

Why have a custom eCommerce website when there are so many free or cheap platforms?

These websites most likely have a time limit and limitations regarding how many products and images you may place. Some are even prone to cause an influx of spam to your email address. Having your own site will give you way more credibility and you can customise it as you wish.

Are you ready to start your eCommerce website?

Contact us for any questions and quotations to start your own brand new eCommerce shop or to add a shop to your existing website.