Blogging for Beginners - Tips & Tricks - Candlelight Websites

Having the task to start writing blogs for your business sounds intimidating. But it shouldn’t be. Blogging is your way of showing off your skills and tricks in your specific field through sharing your knowledge. It is also great for SEO (search engine optimisation) and for giving even existing clients a better idea of exactly what you can offer. Here are some guidelines to get you started:

Write about questions you get asked frequently.

If it gets asked frequently, it is worth writing about in depth. Type a few key subjects you want to write about and work from there. After you finished typing a post, only then go back and check spelling, grammar, etc. This will keep your line of thought without ‘disturbances’. After giving a brief explanation to someone telephonically or via email, you can always refer to the post for them to read further. It is probably also a question people will search for online to eventually find you.

Write posts only relevant to your business.

If you are not running a current news website, don’t post about it if it is not linked to your line of business in one way or another. People are bombarded with daily happenings, don’t make it any worse and eventually lead to them unfollowing you.

Steer clear of jargon.

To you, it might sound straightforward and easy to understand, but remember that your audience does not know all the jargon and fancy terms used in your industry. Remember to keep your posts interesting and engaging by using simple explanations. This will ensure that your audience will keep returning for more.

Use proven data.

Prove arguments and claims through actual data. You will be more trustworthy and worth their time if you can prove your facts. Blogs rank among the top 5 most trustworthy sources of information. See what I did there?

Invitation to subscribe and share.

Keep your existing and new audience by inviting them to subscribe to your mailing list, so they will be notified as soon as you add more posts. Also get them to help you reach more people by making it easy for them to share your posts with their friends via social media channels. Why not throw in a giveaway to people who are nice enough to spread the word?